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Ernest Jones Method

Ernest Jones Golf
Frankel Golf Academy presents... "Golf in the 21st Century"
We'll Give you a Saner, Sounder, Simpler, and Self-Correcting Way to Play:
  • Saner: Ends experimenting and quick fixes forever.
  • Sounder: Guaranteed to work, since it's based on fundamental laws and logic.
  • Simpler: You only have to learn One thing.
  • Self Correcting: You will get instant feel - feedback on all shots.
Arnie Frankel
Life member -- PGA veteran. Author of the "Golf Swing Motion" video package and over 50 national teaching articles.
Ron Frankel
Director of the Frankel Golf Academy and Master teaching professional

 "We are on a mission to change golf instruction as we know it today, by making the game easier to learn and bringing the fun and enjoyment back into it. The word is spreading fast. That's why we say, this is... "Golf in the 21st Century."

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